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We workall around Russia


The total experience of the team —103 years old

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Persons without whom Pticen could not exist

  • people

    Ksenia Kudinova

    Art Director
    «My work is my life. I work around the clock and do not work ever»
  • people

    Marousia Katkova

    Executive Director
    «Search for ideas, brainstorming and concepts — my oxygen, I breathe them»
  • people

    Oksana Tretyakova

    Creative director
    «I think that there are no supermen. All meaningful and fateful is created with the team»
  • people

    Andrey Berezovikov

    Reputation Management
    «I will help you to lure the network to your side»
  • people

    Olya Chernenko

    SMM promotion
    «I sell everything that moves, and if it does not move, then I promote and sell»
  • people

    Elena Panchenko

    Graphic Designer
    «I personify the combination of Buddhism and creative rabies, the other day I suffered a Zen»
  • people

    Anna Zagoruiko

    Graphic Designer
    «In my free from design time I'm engaged in design - but already toys»
  • people

    Margarita Volzhenina

    Graphic Designer
    «I like playing MMORPG and playing with fonts»
  • people

    Anatoly Volzhenin

    «I am guided by the proverb "What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle!". Especially helps in computer games»
  • people

    Julianna Goldman

    Specialist in selling video clips
    «Most of my life I'm on set»
  • people

    Pavel Drakunov

    Visual Communication Specialist
    «My most favorite terms from the customer are "yesterday". With this one I can already work with urgency, as an instrument»
  • people

    Yuri Adoniev

    Web developer
    «Lord of code :)»

A bout company

We create brands created according to the rules of the world standard. Therefore, our clients are confidently distinguished from competitors and, as a result, they receive more customers.

Our clients are companies that already realize the huge competition for today in all spheres of business and public relations, that’s why they want their company to meet world standards and look perfect.

We worked in completely different markets and are confident that we know in almost every niche our specifics and opportunities to grow by the right branding.

We always appreciate our customers, so we have our own individual approach to each.

Unlike many competitors, our interaction always takes place on specific targets. Moreover, we always fulfill all agreements on time.