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Kotovski nevalyashki

Task: To develop a strong brand and create a modern style with nostalgic notes.


Before us was the task of creating a style that fleetingly refers to the warm days of the USSR.

In most of them, Nevalyashka is bought by adults who later remain to the children. Therefore, buying Nevalyashka, adults will be guided by warm memories of the Soviet era, in the head will flit associations: soda from the vending machine, natural ice cream, GOST condensed milk, pyramid milk, etc. And thanks to the modern design and training games, Nevelyashka will be even more interested to the child.

The pattern, collected from the illustrations made in the technique of linocut, allows us to reveal the image of each individual character of toy-tumbler, to introduce the child to the toy world, to help him learn new things, to develop his imagination and imagination.

The illustrations created in the technique of the linocut are very unique, because each element and character was first drawn as a sketch, then transferred to a sheet of linoleum, cut out and then printed on special textural paper. Each print is unique, you can create only similar illustrations, but each will have its own peculiarity, its zest and originality.

The unique font logo is made in the style of Soviet inscriptions and is endowed with a special playful character. The letters in the word “NEVALYASHKI” have different widths (narrow and very wide marks), than show the idea of ​​rocking toy-tumbler from side to side.


Such a simple at first glance, has a deep inner meaning. A cheerful, sweet darling in the hands of the child is of even greater value. For him, she can be a nanny and a close friend, with whom it’s not boring. Supports the child in an effort to learn everything and constantly be in motion, as she herself does not sit still. When the child begins to shake it, the game begins, the desire to rejoice and explore the new world.


Nevalyashka should become some kind of assistant to parents, in the upbringing of children. A child does not just have to learn the world, but learn to see the meaning in every thing and every detail. The toy should help to develop new skills, reveal in child a deep world of imagination.

The world is huge, and he needs a friend who will arouse interest in the child. The simpler the toy, the more the child thinks out, the fantasy and creative principle wakes up in him, which will have a positive impact in the future.

Each toy, like every child, is unique and unrepeatable. This idea was laid in the basis of the graphic image of the project. Unusual illustrations, interesting stories, various characters create a special mood, returning to the magical world of childhood, where imagination and fantasy have no boundaries.

It also takes into account the fact that the company mainly works with the B2B market, so the style also has some restraint, showing that the plant is a reliable supplier of quality and safe products.

Now Nevalyashka is not just four balls, but the whole story and life of the character. Each toy is supplemented with verses, teaching games, illustrations and details. Also this toy helps adults to plunge into childhood, remember the joyful moments of carelessness and absolute happiness. Let the adult person and does not play, but all the same it is a pleasant and nostalgic souvenir.

On November 22, 2018, the all-Russian forum «Business Success» was held, where entrepreneurs from mono-profile municipal entities presented their business projects, «Kotovskie nevalyashki» Factory is the only company in Russia that produces exclusively these toys that are familiar to all from childhood.

According to the owner of the company Dmitry Zavidov: «The secret of the extraordinary popularity of “dolls with an unbending character” is that it is still manufactured in the traditional manual way.»

For Dmitry, we made a presentation that was presented at the All-Russia forum, following which the Nomination “Best Youth Project” was received.

Dmitrii Zavidov at the award «Business Success» presented the first vice-premier Igor Shuvalov with a nevalyashka made at the city enterprise.


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