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Network of points for receiving scrap metal «SVM-22»

Task: To develop the corporate style of the company engaged in the reception of scrap metal, to allocate it on the market, to reveal the long-term experience of the company.

In the scrap market, everything looks the same, and, to be more precise, it does not. Nobody packs his company, no one says anything about himself, except for three cherished words: «We’ll buy. Scrap. Expensive». This makes it easy to declare yourself, you do not even have to try to outshout your competitors. It’s enough simply and confidently to say that WE NUMBER ONE IN ITS CASE. And if the market is number one, then the rest can only continue this series. Number one is a status, number one is a fact.

In the image is the idea of ​​the rebirth of metal. It is shown the moment when the metal from the formless pile turns into a state of a new product, thereby accentuating the circulation of the material to which a new life is given. It is already pressed and is about to straighten, it will be smooth and flat.

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