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Plant of shelving systems «Nordika»

Task: To develop a unified graphical language for all the company's printing and digital products, to bring the company's visual image to unity.

«Nordika is the order!». The concept was based on the idea of ​​order in all areas of the company’s activities Nordika. Clearness in dealing with customers, the ideal procedure in the office, strictly systematized work in the production, and the racks themselves produced by the company — created for order in stores and warehouses.

The pattern is formed by the union of two elements — perforation, which is a technical element of the rack design, with a starry sky, cosmic images, the constellation of the Big Dipper. Sharpness, rigor, geometricity of racking structures are combined with the chaos of the Universe, trying to structure it, order it. The stars in the sky line up in rows, corresponding to the pattern of perforation points. Everything tends to order.

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