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Ksenia Gribanova

Sugar paste and cosmetics for the shugaring La Diva

I applied to PTICEN for packing my business. A logo was developed, a general brand concept, a marketing-kit, branded printing and labels for products. Liked the fact that the company PTICEN very carefully approached the execution. PTICEN DESIGN provides cool layouts. Feels a level of professionalism. I recommend many people contact with PTICEN.


Natalia Klimova

Clinic of Dmitry Klimov


Anton Hardikov

Food and drink with yourself GOTOVO

The company PTICEN — unique — such units. It's not just "designer-performers" who work here. Before doing something, they study the context: the market, competitors, trends — plunged into the world of the customer. And they offer absolutely exact and correct concepts and solutions. They are involved in the work with their whole being and produce exceptionally stunning results. To a lesser, apparently, they do not agree.


Vadim Polyakov

Fire safety «PPS»


Alexander Krasnoslabodtsev

Association of Russian Business Incubators

It was necessary to form a corporate identity and make a marketing-kit for the Association of Russian Business Incubators to attract residents. We considered several companies for this work. The decisive factor for the decision was the preparation of a technical task with a description of the work that the company very clearly understood from our words, with a clear deadline, and we really liked the portfolio of the company that they provided. I liked the result very much. I strongly advise you to contact the guys, they do everything very qualitatively.


Alexey Fedyukin

Gusto Pasta

We would like to express our gratitude for the work of PTICEN! We needed to come up with a name for chocolate paste, label design and make a marketing-kit (presentation) for retail chains. Together, we looked over 50 variants of names. As a result, we were offered an option that conveys the emotion from our product, and realized that this is exactly what is needed. The label turned out stylish and modern, the company PTICEN was able to graphically reflect the concept of our product and make a beautiful marketing-kit.


Maxim Bibik


PTICEN company is a great lads and true professionals! They made our project in just 10 days!!! It seems that they felt and penetrated our not very «colorful» sphere and made our style! This is the case when you do not want to correct or alter anything! Everything is perfect, stylish, concise! A very good impression was made by the protection of the project. From working with this team only positive impressions!


Oleg Klimanov

AltaiDiziak Company

We wanted to make the company logo, corporate style and marketing-kit. Have addressed under the reference. We did not believe that they could do so well and with a soul. The decisive factor was that the guys came to the office and asked questions for a long time. As a result, the concept (and even the legend) of our logo and corporate identity that we use was invented.


Andrey Serov

External Corporate University "Integration"

We wanted to make a marketing-kit for meetings with customers, usually the meetings were closed verbally, and there was a need to give the client something in order that he could get better acquainted with what we offer. The decisive factor was the price and timing of execution. And when it was necessary to change something, corrections were made very quickly, literally within 2-3 hours. It seems that they work around the clock. We will definitely return.


Patakhudin Magamedov

Monocities Dagestan Lights


Designer clothes Clabin

The task was to issue a marketing-kit. We had text and photos of clothes. The decisive factor was the timing, since it was necessary to make a catalog immediately (literally per day).
Other companies asked many questions and said that the terms were unrealistic, they offered to pay extra for speed. At PTICEN we arranged the price, within the deadlines, we had no problems, and the design very much liked us.


Dmitry Zlatiev

Complex delivery of engineering systems «Avanta»

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