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in the field of marketing, branding and advertising strategies

Brand Audit

Brand audit is a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the brand and its prospects:
• Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the brand in the internal and external environment and formulate recommendations for its improvement

Market and consumer research

Analyze the competitors and the advantages of the product or service. Analyzing your company (management principles, functional units, staffing, job descriptions, motivation systems). Consumer and consumer market research (focus group)

The concept of brand positioning

It consists of a marketing strategy aimed at effectively communicating the most important advantages of the product/service to end users

Logo and graphic elements development

Logo — is a constant brand, so its quality directly affects the future promotion of the company. The development of corporate identity — is the creation of a single visual image

Creation of presentations/ marketing-kit

With the help of which you can adequately represent your company, clearly tell about the services and benefits of your product.
Selling presentation is different from all


Guideline — helps to systematize and streamline the new corporate identity, as well as avoid mistakes that contractors or the company itself can make in the early stages of introducing rebranding

Development of advertising companies online/offline

Development of advertising companies online/offline is a complex of professional actions aimed at the successful introduction of the brand on the market

Website creation/Landing

Development of the site of the company, store, corporate site, promo-site, visiting card site
• Effective promotion
• Development of creative promotion strategy

Creating a brandbook

Brandbook is an internal document of the company, which contains a description of the inner kitchen of the nonsense of how it should work. It includes description of positioning, legend, mission and values, brand style, and the basics of its communication

Video for business

Video infographics are one of the most interesting multimedia tools, allowing you to provide the audience with maximum information, by means of drawn images and short textual explanations. Perfect for commercials about the company, corporate and presentation films