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The city in which you

Life of the city on one site.

Task: To develop a brand of information platform, highlighting the interesting life of the city of Barnaul and its inhabitants.

Everyone knows what accidents and incidents happen in the city, where and from a new negative appears, but no one knows that there are more good events and people in the city than you might think.

The city of Barnaul ranks 21st in size among the cities of Russia, which means that it has something to tell and show, there is where to go and with whom to communicate, there is where to learn new things and take lessons from the best.

To revive a sleepy city — he needs a discharge! Knock it out of the habitual rhythm, let it make a discovery, leave not indifferent, evoke emotions, even provoke a little. Show new and unusual.

The style completely unusual for this city will show it from a new perspective and will make it stop, think, try to understand what is going on. Is this something of the future? Did I miss something?

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